This Fitness bottle from SuperHuman is more than just your average shaker bottle. It’s a companion for the health conscious, stylish and active individual looking to reach their health and fitness goals.

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Beautifully Designed

No more clumps of gunk stuck at the bottom of your bottle. Without any corners, all of your product will be effortlessly mixed into your drink. The rounded bottom will also make cleaning a breeze.


Pristine & Hygenic

We re-thought how the thread of the MOUS fitness bottle should look. Often, the sharp and deep-grooved geometries of the shaker bottle will accumulate bacteria, making it the hardest part to clean.

This design feature coupled with the highest quality materials enhances the MOUS bottle’s ability to reduce bacterial accumulation.


Premium Materials

BPA-Free Tristan Plastic

Bacteria and Odour Resistant

Volume: 820ml

Leak Proof

Easy to Clean


Did you know that on average, hard to clean water bottles can contain up to ~106 times more germs than your average pet toy!

(Results found by a study conducted by Treadmill Reviews, 2017, treadmillreviews.net)


It all started when…

We ran a Q-tip along the thread of a shaker bottle out of curiousity and we found ourselves horrified at what was dredged underneath.

We are avid believers in durability and reusability; even if you can’t be #zerowaste you can be low-waste.

Tossing out your shaker bottle every few weeks because it is impossible to clean is not sustainable. The MOUS Fitness Bottle is built to last, and designed to be reusable.

2017 Good Design Awards for the category of Lifestyle & Fitness
— Good Design Awards
That’s quite a lot of thought put into a bottle
— Yanko Design
Just one look at the bottle and it’s clear that it has been engineered to perfection from an aesthetic and practical standpoint
— Pop Sugar

Drink Differently

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